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The CAHMI seeks to advance healing-centered and trauma-informed approaches to promote individual, family, and community resilience. Compassionate and healing interpersonal relationships, coordinated and evidence-based responses to trauma, and cross-sector collaboration are key to promoting healing and resilience at the individual and community level.

The Engagement In Action (EnAct!) Framework for a Statewide Integrated Early Childhood Health System

The CAHMI partnered to create the EnAct! framework with the five-year Mississippi Thrive! Child Health and Development Project initiative, which was supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration through the State Programs of Regional and National Significance (SPRANS) program. 


The Engagement In Action (EnAct!) Framework aims to promote positive health equity for all children and families and sets forth a pathway to support national, state and local efforts to establish a family and community engaged, whole child and family, integrated early childhood health system.

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The EnAct! Framework is catalyzed by the CAHMI’s Cycle of Engagement Well Visit Planner Approach to Care for early childhood services. This evidence-based approach and family-facing online tools facilitate family-engaged care and promotes an integrated health system for children and families through streamlined data sharing across early childhood system partners. The COE WVP approach, in addition to the Prioritizing Possibilities National Agenda and Payment for Progress Report, helped inspire the development of the EnAct! Framework, and was specifically designed for all states to apply it within their own unique contexts for the enhancement of child, youth, family, and community services.


Watch a video about the Cycle of Engagement Well Visit Planner Approach to Care

Watch a video about the Well Visit Planner

Payment for Progress Recommendations for Health Care Services and Health Systems Transformation

The CAHMI, in collaboration with AcademyHealth and the Children’s Hospital Association, developed the Payment for Progress model, which aims to improve child and family well-being by investing in personalized and integrated strategies that address social and emotional determinants of health. The model is designed to incentivize healthcare providers to prioritize prevention and early intervention and highlights several successful examples of the Payment for Progress approach in action, proving cross-system collaborations and the alignment of financial incentives toward improved outcomes is required for systems transformation.


Read the Payment for Progress Strategic Priorities Report

Prioritizing Possibilities National Agenda to Address Adverse Childhood Adversity and Promote Child and Family Well-Being

Dr. Bethell’s We Are The Medicine® framework shaped the collaborative design of the Prioritizing Possibilities National Agenda to promote child and family well-being, even when trauma and adversity are present. The national agenda sets forth recommendations to advance improvements in children’s health services by addressing the social and emotional determinants of health and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).  


Watch this We Are The Medicine kick-off video

Read the National Agenda Report

California Recommendations Roadmap for State Expenditures to Advance Healing Centered, Trauma Informed Approaches

The Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative (CAHMI) staff and consultants developed the Prop 64 Recommendations Roadmap in collaboration with the California Campaign to Counter Childhood Adversity (4 CA) and a multidisciplinary Advisory Committee of state and national advocates, California community-based organizations, providers and academics.


The Recommendations Roadmap provides a set of recommendations for California state departments to support culturally responsive, racially just, healing-centered and trauma-informed approaches in the spending of certain Prop 64 marijuana tax initiatives funds. Although developed specifically in the context of California’s Prop 64, these recommendations serve as a starting point for policy-makers, advocates, and community leaders as they consider and advocate for public policies related to advancing a culturally responsive, racially just, healing-centered and trauma-informed approach in the expenditure of public funding. We encourage stakeholders to utilize and adapt these recommendations for various audiences and contexts. Moreover, we will continue updating this site with new resources as they develop.


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Read the Prop 64 Recommendations Full Report

Watch a presentation on the CA Roadmap hosted by the Alliance for Boys and Men of Color (2021)

California Surgeon General's Roadmaps to Resilience

The CAHMI’s director, Dr. Christina Bethell, was pleased to partner with the California Surgeon General’s office to develop the Roadmaps to Resilience report, which aims to guide California’s health care providers and communities in their work to promote a safe, stable, and nurturing relationships and environments for children and families and prevent and heal impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). The report integrated Dr. Bethell’s leadership to advance   state level data on ACEs and possibilities for flourishing amid adversity.


Read the CA Surgeon General’s Report