OUR MISSION: To promote the early and lifelong health of children, youth, and families through the translation of the science of healthy child development and thriving into public health and health services research, policy, and practice.
OUR VALUES: The work of the CAHMI is guided by our values: (1) equity and positive health development for all children, youth, families, and communities; (2) child, youth, and family partnership and engagement at all levels; (3) translation of science, data, and evidence into policy and practice; (4) cross-sector collaboration and innovation to achieve culture and systems change.



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Positive childhood experiences lower chances of adult depression

Positive Childhood Experiences and Adult Mental and Relational Health in a Statewide Sample

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CAHMI receives funding to improve our Cycle of Engagement tools

Building Evidence for Relationship-Centered Approaches to Engage Families as Partners in Whole-Child, Equitable, and Integrated Well-Child Care.

What is Data In Action?

The CAHMI and our partners work to design, validate and promote access to data that are essential for helping children and families thrive.

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What is Measurement In Action?

The CAHMI’s strategic measurement approach creates lasting positive change by putting children, youth and families at the center of quality measurement and improvement.

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What is Engagement In Action?

Data-driven, relationship-centered engagement is at the core of the CAHMI’s work to achieve whole child and family well-being. Our evidence-based tools promote real engagement that leads to real health.

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What is Flourishing In Action?

The CAHMI is dedicated to implementing and promoting a new science of thriving to drive systems change.

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