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National Maternal & Child Health Measures Compendium

The CAHMI created the interactive National Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Measures Compendium to identify, characterize, compare, and continuously update current measures in use across key MCH programs and initiatives and allow you to browse these measures.


The MCH Measures Compendium currently contains 14 measurement sets which represent 71 measurement topics and over 1,000 measures. Annual updates are conducted for each program and initiative and new measurement sets are periodically added.


This project is supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under grant UA6MC30375 (MCH-MRN).


Let us know if you wish to see new sets of measures included in the MCH Measures Compendium.

Improving MCH Measurement

To drive equity and improvements in MCH outcomes and systems performance at the national, state, and local levels, CAHMI analyzes the measures included across measurement sets to identify priority opportunities to align, optimize use of, and fill important gaps in measurement.

Our analysis of gaps and opportunities for improving MCH Measures is anchored to our National Strategic Measurement Agenda, which was created through our prior leadership of the MCH Measurement Research Network (2013-2019). We will continue to update the strategic priorities periodically to align with top priorities and opportunities to use measurement to monitor and drive equity and improvements in the health and well-being children, youth, and families across the United States.

Download the Executive Summary of the MCH-MRN Strategic Agenda

To learn more about the creation of the MCH Measures Compendium and priorities for MCH measurement research, see our National Strategic Measurement Agenda page.

Learn more about our National Strategic Measurement Agenda



Interactive MCH Measures Compendium

The CAHMI’s interactive MCH Measures Compendium characterizes and lets you search and compare over 1000 measures in use by 14 recognized maternal, child, adolescent, and family health programs and initiatives in the United States. Updated yearly, each measure is categorized across 3 high level and 15 subtopic groups and 260 individual measurement topics.

Choose among 4 different pathways for quickly browsing measures:

Pathway 1: Search measures by measure set

View measures from 14 different MCH measure sets from national programs such as Title V, CHIPRA, RWJF Culture of Health and more. This pathway is most useful if you want to see all measures included in any given program or initiative's set of measures.

Pathway 2: Search measures by data source

There are hundreds of data sources (e.g., surveys, administrative data, insurance claims data, etc.) across the compendium. This pathway is most useful if you would like to see all measures whose data comes from a particular type of data source (e.g., Vital Statistics, survey data, health records, etc.).

Pathway 3: Search measures by topical category

This pathway is most useful if you want to see measures on a particular topic within maternal, child, adolescent, and family health. Topics are available on three levels: first select a Level 1 topic (broadest), then Level 2 (narrower), then Level 3 (most narrow). To learn more about the organization of the compendium by topical categories click here.

Pathway 4: Search measures by key words

This pathway is useful if you have a specific term in mind and would like to search the compendium for any measures which match that term exactly.

Click on an individual measure to view information about each measure, including its title and/or description, numerator and denominator, unit of analysis, specific data source, target population, key words, and reporting requirements.

Start searching the MCH Interactive Compendium:

Once you have located a measure or measures of interest, click on the measure title to learn more!

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