For Providers

  1. How do child health providers benefit from Help Me Grow?

Child health care providers are uniquely positioned to identify developmentally vulnerable children. However, child health care providers often face challenges in identifying early signs of developmental or behavioral concerns, and even when needs are recognized, keeping comprehensive and updated information on community-facing services is difficult. Also, successful connection to those programs is time-consuming.

Help Me Grow (HMG) is defined by the integration and cohesion of four core components:
1. Child Health Care Provider Outreach (education to providers on developmental promotion, detection, intervention )
2. Centralized Access Point (supports connection to community-based programs/services)
3. Family and Community Outreach (promotion/advocacy for developmental promotion, early identification, intervention)
4. Data Collection (evaluate gaps, capture impact)

HMG supports community-based pediatricians by enhancing their effective developmental promotion and early detection activities for all children and families. This support is provided through educating and motivating providers to conduct systematic surveillance and screening of young children, as well as providing community-based pediatricians with access to a centralized access point that can serve as a care coordination arm for busy pediatric primary care practices.

  1. For child health care providers that are in states that have access to Help Me Grow, how can they connect to their state program?

To find out if your state is a HMG affiliate, you can visit the Help Me Grow National Center website www.helpmegrownational.org. Click on your state’s link for the name and contact information of the individual serving as the HMG lead in your area. This person may be able to connect you and your practice to in-office trainings, resources and materials, and other partners in your community so that you may integrate HMG and its care coordination services into your daily work and better support your patient families. Some states also work with the Help Me Grow National Center to engage in practice based QI projects that focus on the core components of the HMG system. Additionally, staff at the HMG National Center is always willing to facilitate an introduction and connection to the HMG lead in your state.