National Chartbook: Experience Matters: A View into the Health and Wellbeing of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (2016)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has received increasing attention from both researchers and media in the past decade. Seemingly increasing with every new release of national data. The experiences of children and their families who experience ASD are critical for understanding the needs of this vulnerable population and to promote their wellbeing.

Developed in partnership between the CAHMI, a national expert panel and Autism Speaks, the Experience Matters chartbook represents one of the first national portraits of children with autism spectrum disorder in the U.S.: how they receive their diagnoses, how their daily lives are impacted, and how their families are doing.

Our chartbook can either be read in its entirety, or by topic-specific sections:

• Prevalence of ASD: this section details differing ASD prevalence rates and the key characteristics of families with ASD.

• Diagnosing ASD: this section describes parents’ and health care providers’ role in the early detection efforts and diagnosis of ASD.

• The Child’s Health: this section provides an overview of the health problems experienced by children with ASD.

• Health Care and Related Services: this section explores how families with ASD engage in the health care system to meet their child’s needs.

• School and Social Wellbeing: this section details the personal connections and educational services that meet the needs of children with ASD.

• Coping with ASD: this section explores parental wellbeing and points of view among families with ASD.

Access the Experience Matters chartbook here. 
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