“The Data Resource Center allows ready access to excellent data that would have otherwise been available only to those with expertise in analyzing large national data sets. Good luck to CAHMI’s Data Resource Center in your ongoing work. We look forward to working with you in the future on adolescent health issues” – Margaret McManus, President of Incenter Strategies


The Data Resource Center

The Data Resource Center for Child & Adolescent Health (DRC) is an online resource designed to share the voices of parents with policymakers, researchers, advocates, professors, students, and other parents interested in promoting a higher quality health care system for children, youth, and families. The DRC provides hands-on access to national, state, and regional data findings from large population-based surveys. Data are collected from parents and thus contribute a much needed voice in the drive to improve the quality of health care for children and youth.

Besides data and documentation from the National Survey of Children’s Health and the National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs, the DRC offers examples of data use, relevant articles and presentations using DRC data, tutorials and walkthroughs of how to use data, expert technical assistance and links to additional child health data resources.

What You Can Do on the DRC Website

  • Take a tour of the DRC website or learn how to use different aspects of the site
  • Access information from the National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH) and the National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs (NS-CSHCN)
  • Search national and state findings on over 200 child health indicators
  • Learn to use data more effectively
  • Discover how state and family leaders, academic researchers and students, state and federal governments, doctors and other health professionals, and child health advocates are using these findings
  • Get expert help by e-mailing us your questions – plus get links to other data sets and resources for improving children’s health and healthcare

Future DRC Developments

The DRC is constantly expanding and adding new features. Currently, the DRC team is preparing the website to host searchable data from the Complementary and Alternative Medicine module of the National Health Interview Survey. In the future, the DRC hopes to become the undisputed hub for child health data by hosting data from numerous child health surveys and their supporting documentation.

The DRC team is also developing new databriefs on childhood obesity, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), asthma, ADD/ADHD and other important child health topics. These one to two page documents give brief overviews of major child health issues through relevant statistics and engaging language. Other future DRC developments include website upgrades, improved searchability, partnering with other child health data websites, publishing scholarly articles on the effectiveness of the DRC, and development of new survey codebooks and chartbooks.