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The Cycle of Engagement

The CAHMI wishes to empower families and providers to partner in a “cycle of engagement” to measure the quality of health care and drive improvements of family-centered care. Below is an example of a CAHMI project that utilizes family-completed measures and tools producing patient and provider feedback reports to promote a cycle of patient-provider engagement.

Use of PHDS and WVP for Maintenance of Certification

In order to maintain certification with the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP), pediatricians are required to demonstrate competence in systematic measurement and improvement in patient care by participating in an ABP-approved quality improvement project. This is known as “Performance in Practice” or Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 4. In November 2013, the CAHMI received funding from ABP to develop an online system incorporating the Promoting Healthy Development Survey (PHDS) and Well-Visit Planner (WVP) into an online quality improvement project to assess and improve the quality of patient care. This system will be made available to pediatricians as an option to fulfill the quality improvement MOC requirement.

The Mechanism of the Cycle of Patient-Provider Engagement

The ABP MOC project is an example of CAHMI’s leadership in developing tools to involve families as quality improvement partners in a cycle of patient-provider engagement. Providers or health systems customize the online PHDS to meet their measurement and quality improvement needs. Next, they implement the online PHDS into their practice and invite parents to participate using customized parent engagement materials. Baseline feedback reports allow providers to assess their performance on parent reported measures of well child care, anchored to Bright Futures recommendations. After identifying areas for improvement, providers can implement quality improvement processes using additional CAHMI tools (e.g., WVP, Shared Encounter Form, education website). This cycle is repeated and two assessment points are recorded, fulfilling ABP MOC Part 4 requirements.

The video below gives an overview of the Well-Visit Planner quality improvement tool and the online Promoting Healthy Development Survey quality measurement and how they can be used by providers to engage families.


In Partnership With: The David and Lucile Packard Foundation / The Commonwealth Fund / The Foundation for Accountability (FACCT) / YAHCS Measurement Advisory Group / Over 50 organizations representing consumers, providers, policy makers and research organizations (e.g. Children Now, AAP, AMA) / Dozens of adolescents through their participation in interviews and focus groups.