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  • 2016 NSCH data now available on the interactive data query! In this newsletter, we announced the availability of new data from the 2016 National Survey of Children's Health on the DRC's interactive data query, along with supporting documents. We also shared the CAHMI's recent info briefs and fact sheet on ACEs and thriving, using data from the 2016 NSCH, as well as updates on the MCH-MRN.
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  • Autism Speaks awards the CAHMI a major grant to advance early access to care & develop research and family capacity.
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  • A shared plan of care is an essential element of a medical home for children with special health care needs, yet there is no consensus on either the content of care plans or the process of care planning.

    A new report from the Lucille Packard Children's Foundation, a key CAHMI partner, outlines recommended core content of a comprehensive and integrated plan and the steps necessary to create it.
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  • The CAHMI's Well-Visit Planner online engagement tool is featured on the US Department of Health and Human Services Watch Me Thrive website.
    Visit the site and explore the Well-Visit Planner along with a wealth of other resources for families of young children.

  • The CAHMI now provides micro-data findings on the use and impact of complementary and alternative medicine for US children. See these findings and more at www.nhiscamdata.org


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Who We Are

The Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative (CAHMI) is a national initiative based out of the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Originally housed at FACCT – Foundation for Accountability, the CAHMI was established in 1998.


The mission of the Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative is to advance patient-centered innovations and improvements in children’s health and health care quality.


The CAHMI envisions a future where children and families are full partners in a health care system tailored to maximize the healthy development and well-being of children across the life course.


CAHMI’s primary focus to advance Patient-Centered Child Health and Health Care Quality Measurement and Improvement. The CAHMI promotes child and adolescent health through child, youth and family involvement in defining, assessing and improving health care quality and advancing consumer-centered, data-driven policies and practices. CAHMI develops, tests and deploys child health and health care quality data and measures and family-centered tools and strategies for creating successful and sustainable quality measurement, communication and improvement efforts.

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