The Well Visit Planner
[blockquote type="blockquote_line" align="left" width="80"]92% of parents reported they would recommend the use of the WVP online tool to other parents[/blockquote]

Integrating the WVP with Electronic Health Records (EHRs)


Can I make changes to the Well-Visit Planner?

Parties interested in modifying content of the WVP are required to work closely with CAHMI personnel. Changes to the WVP need to be made with caution, and development of population-specific versions or translations into different languages must meet CAHMI’s validity and quality standards.

Can parent’s responses to the WVP be integrated into the child’s electronic health record (EHR)?

Yes, although not directly through the public use version of the WVP. EHR linkage is one of many customization options for the WVP. How this integration works depends upon the EHR system you use and the degree to which you are able to customize that system.

How do I integrate the WVP into my EHR system? What are potential obstacles?

Several requirements must be met in order to integrate with the WVP, including:

  • Access to an SFTP server or other similar method for secure receipt of PHI data from remote servers
  • The ability to import HL7 or similar files into your EHR
  • The ability to modify content in your EHR forms.

Once it has been established that it is technically feasible to integrate the WVP into your EHR system, it must be determined what data you’ll import and how you’ll import it. Then the technology and infrastructure of the data transfer must be defined. The technical process of integrating the WVP into your EHR system can be involved and is different for every EHR system.

Some EHR systems are harder to rearrange than others and will provide you with fewer options in how you can change EHR content. In cases where EHR systems are less amenable to content that is customized by the user, the CAHMI can work with you to determine which content we can import into your EHR and how we can leverage the other materials that are part of the suite of WVP tools, to supplement the EHR data.

What EHRs have been tested with the WVP?

So far the WVP has been integrated with Centricity and Office Ally.