The Well-Visit Planner
[blockquote type="blockquote_line" align="left"]92% of parents reported they would recommend the use of the WVP online tool to other parents[/blockquote]

What Families and Healthcare Providers are Saying about the WVP

Feedback from Parents and Guardians

  • 92% of parents reported that they were comfortable with the amount of time that it took to complete the tool
  • 92% of parents reported that they would recommend the WVP to other parents
  • 92% of parents reported that the WVP somewhat increased or increased the value of their visit
  • 75% of parents reported that the tool was very useful or extremely useful for focusing their time with their child’s doctor or health care provider on what was most important to the family

Quotes from Healthcare Providers

Overall Value

“Patients are going to love this [the WVP].The new families that are part of this generation.” – Staff Member

I had one mom say, “Kids don’t come with a manual, and then I finished out this questionnaire and there’s the manual!” – Provider

Value of the Visit Guide

“The printable [visit guide option] is nice because then parents can write on it.” – Staff Member

Improving Office Workflow – The Provider & Staff Perspective

“If they were able to print [the WVP Visit Guide] off and bring it with them. The idea of doing a pre-visit questionnaire is great but sometimes from a timing stand point – if they arrived late and you see them right away then they don’t have time to fill out the questionnaire. It’s nice to have it all done now.” – Provider

“It helps the nursing staff because we didn’t have to ask as many questions… I only asked what I needed to ask.” – Nurse

Improving Parent & Provider Partnerships

“It not only gets the specific content on the table but it changes the parental expectation… It says this is the kind of stuff that’s under the umbrella of a well-visit. It’s not just that sack of problems visit.” – Provider

“Checklists of anticipatory guidance – I could check off maybe one or two [in a visit]. With some families you spend all of [the visit] on one topic. I appreciate this tool allowing parents to pick what they want [to talk about].” – Provider

Improving Quality of Care for All Patients

“If you’ve done enough [visits with the WVP tool] you can guide your other visits [those for which a WVP isn’t completed] based on what parents typically say when they have done the [WVP].” – Provider

“You found out more about [the child’s] home than you otherwise would … Sometimes there would be something to talk about and I wouldn’t have done that if it wasn’t a CAHMI [Well-Visit Planner] visit” – Provider

“I got more information about how the parent was doing than I did before – family issues.” – Provider

“Most parents were putting down a lot more questions about what to expect about development and discipline.” – Provider

Parent Report of Helpfulness of WVP for Supporting Patient-Centered Care

Percentage of Parents Reporting the that the WVP was helpful with regard to the topic



Not Really

Prioritizing topics to discuss with the child’s doctor or health care provider




Discussing their child’s learning, development, or behavior and any concerns they may have




Understanding what they can talk with their child’s doctor or health care provider about




Identifying issues about their child’s health that need to be addressed




Asking questions about how to keep their child healthy and safe




Recognizing their family’s strengths and how they can build off of them




Parent Report of Usefulness of the WVP-Embedded Educational Material

Percentage of Parents Reporting the that the WVP was useful with regard to the topic

Extremely Useful or Very Useful

Moderately Useful

A Little Useful or Not at All Useful

Identifying new questions to ask their provider




Giving the parent information so they don’t need to ask the provider about some  topics




Giving the parent information that is helpful in taking care of their family