The Well Visit Planner
[blockquote type="blockquote_line" width="80"]92% of parents reported they would recommend the use of the WVP online tool to other parents[/blockquote]
Head Start/Early Head Start

WVP HS/EHS Implementation Toolkit

The Implementation Toolkit provides information about the benefits of integrating the WVP into HS/EHS programs, how a HS/EHS program can prepare and implement the WVP, tools for staff, family engagement resources, and other valuable information.

Intended audience:

Head Start/Early Head Start healthcare professionals such as Center Directors, Health & Wellness Coordinators, other Program Coordinators, Service Managers, Family Engagement Specialists, Family Support Managers, and other staff members,

What's in the Implementation Toolkit

  • I. About the Well-Visit Planner (WVP)
  • II. How the WVP Works
  • III. Preparing for WVP Implementation
  • IV. Implementing the WVP in a Head Start/Early Head Start Program
  • V. Implementing the WVP: Lessons from the Field
  • VI. Tips for Maximizing the Impact of the WVP
  • Appendix A: Implementation Resources for the WVP
  • Appendix B: Family Engagement Materials for the WVP
  • Appendix C: Suggested Parent Referral Information
  • Appendix D: How to Contact the CAHMI for Technical Assistance
  • Appendix E: Common Acronyms

Download the Toolkit

Click the link below to download the entire toolkit: WVP Implementation Toolkit.

The Pre-Implementation Guide

Engaging your team in a decision to employ the Well-Visit Planner (WVP) is the first and most important implementation step. Solid buy-in from staff is essential to every aspect of implementation. For many Head Start agencies, this type of direct, hands-on patient and provider engagement activity may generate concerns about impact on time, capacity to respond to issues parents raise, and ensuring effective follow-up on issues raised by parents when completing the WVP tool. The Pre-Implementation Guide provides a “stepe-by-step” resource and tools for preparing and educating your team about the WVP and ways to address common questions to help the process go as smoothly as possible. Information provided includes steps to implementing the WVP, time and resources needed, and a sample implementation map and planner/tracker.