The Well-Visit Planner

The Well-Visit Planner (WVP) improves well-child care for young children by collecting information and concerns from parents prior to the visit. It allows each visit to be tailored to the individual family while adhering to national recommendations for the content of preventive pediatric care. The WVP tool also enables providers to establish an ongoing system of engaging parents in well-child care.

How the Well-Visit Planner Works
Parents of children younger than 6 years of age visit the Well-Visit Planner website and complete the following steps:



Gaps in the quality of well child care are persistent and documented. Successful well-child care requires meeting parent priorities for visits and the majority of well-child care involves communication with parents and children. As such, engaging parents as partners to improve quality of care is essential. To enable this, the CAHMI has developed the guideline-based, easy to use Well Visit Planner.

The WVP tools were developed and tested for use in pediatric practices under a four year grant from the federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau (R40 MC08959 03-00; 2008-2012).

National experts, families and pediatric providers all collaborated in the design, development and testing of the WVP tools to ensure feasibility and to optimize impact on the quality and efficiency of the well child visit for parents, children and provider teams alike. Initial testing documented improvements to provider office work flow and patient engagement and experience and quality of care. Requiring an average of 9 minutes to complete, 92% of parents reported they would recommend the use of the WVP online tool to other parents.