NEW 2016/2017 NSCH Fact Sheets on ACE’s

Strong Roots Grow a Strong Nation: Advancing Policies to Catalyze Well Being by Addressing the Epidemic and Legacy of Adverse Childhood Experiences

To generate local awareness relevant to your area, the CAHMI created individual state/national comparison fact sheets using 2016/2017 NSCH data regarding the prevalence of ACEs and key child outcomes such as bullying, school engagement, as well as resilience and flourishing. Additionally, these fact sheets include data and information about the prevalence of adults with ACEs, key adult health outcomes, and the mechanisms that link ACEs with health outcomes explained by breakthrough neurobiological sciences. By addressing the ACEs epidemic and tailoring fact sheets for each state, the CAHMI aims to advance policies to catalyze wellbeing across the nation.

For a National Level State Fact Sheet, click here.

These fact sheets were prepared by the Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative. Please cite in the following way:

Bethell CD, Gombojav N, Rush M. “[Nation/State] Fact Sheet 2019: Strong Roots Grow a Strong Nation”. Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative (CAHMI), Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, June 2019.