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Healing Collective Trauma

Welcome to the page on Healing Collective Trauma. Here, you will find materials and resources from workshops, panels, presentations, and more that will help guide you through this topic.

Materials and resources from Dr. Christina Bethell’s presentation and workshop Human Development, Childhood Adversity and Flourishing in an Era of Ordinary Magic from the 2019 Celebrate Life Festival in Wardenburg, Germany:
Entering the Heart of Home: Human Development, Childhood Adversity and Flourishing in an Era of Ordinary Magic (Reading Packet)
The Heart of Home: Human development, childhood adversity and flourishing in an era of ordinary magic  (Presentation Slides)
Poem Excerpts by Dr. Christina Bethell

Dr. Christina Bethell’s Testimony During a Hearing at the House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform:
Identifying, Preventing, and Treating Childhood Trauma: A Pervasive Public Health Issue that Needs Greater Federal Attention (Committee Release)
Full Hearing
Dr. Bethell’s Opening Statement
Q & A with Rep. Jody Hice about Unaddressed Trauma
Q & A with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about Childhood Trauma and ACEs Statistics

Additional Suggested Readings and Resources:
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