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To contact the CAHMI with general inquiries please use the form below:



Mailing Address:

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Department of Population, Family & Reproductive Health
Attention: Dr. Christina Bethell, Room E-4152
615 North Wolfe Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21205

Collaborating with the CAHMI

The CAHMI welcomes the opportunity to engage in strategic conversations with health systems and other partners interested in consumer-centered quality measurement and improvement activities. Collaboration with multiple stakeholders is a central focus of the CAHMI efforts. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact the CAHMI about potential opportunities for collaboration.

Technical Assistance

The CAHMI provides technical assistance for consumer-centered quality measurement and improvement projects- including research design, analysis and reporting to key stakeholders. This assistance can be anchored to the use of the CAHMI tools or more broadly focused on consumer-centered strategies. This technical assistance is available on a contract basis. For more information about contract opportunities with the CAHMI, please contact info@cahmi.org.

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